You’ve Been Charging Your Phone The Wrong Way This Whole Time

In a world, where it is estimated at least 80% of consumers now own a cell phone, there is something you need to know.  Odds are good that you have been charging your cell phone wrong from day one.  There are a few guidelines to keep in mind, that when charging your phone, will be more than prove useful as well as aid in extending your batteries overall lifespan.

Remove When Charged

When you see that the battery of your cell phone is fully charged, it is highly suggested that you remove it from the charger.  If you leave your phone plugged in, after it is fully charged, you are going to reduce the overall life of your battery.

Don’t Overcharge

When charging your phone, you would think it would be better for the battery if it is fully charged.  However, experts claim that it is best not to charge your phone all the way to 100%.  By charging to the maximum percentage, the high voltage is placing undue stress on the battery itself.

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Extreme Temperatures

Avoid both extreme cold and high heat temperatures when charging your phone.  Both extremes will significantly reduce how well your phone accepts the charge.  It is best to charge your phone in moderate temperatures for the best results.

Periodic Charging

Many experts agree that charging your phone periodically throughout the day, for short periods of time, will significantly lengthen the life of the battery.  When you charge for longer periods at a time, it can cause undue stress, that over time, will prove to shorten battery life.

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Charge Level

If at all possible, it is suggested to keep your cell phones charge level between 65% to 75%.  When using your phone until the charge is down to just a minute percentage will over time wear down your battery.  Making sure there is a mid-range percentage of battery life at any given time is a good rule of thumb.