You’ll Never Want To Use These 3 Things In A Hotel After Reading This

Depending on the type of person you are, a hotel stay can be either a luxurious getaway from everyday life or a hazardous minefield of unknown germs. Most savvy travelers know to watch out for things like the phone and remote, at least giving them a swipe with an antibacterial wipe before handling them. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Do you know about these surprising sources of germs in your hotel room, though?

Decorative Bedding

Huffington Post

Those bedspreads and decorative pillows that go on top of the sheets aren’t usually washed too often between guests. According to CNN, they are a great place for allergens and bed bugs to set up shop. Probably not the best place to be spreading out all your clothes or stretching out on at the end of the day! If you can, lift up the mattress to check for bed bugs hiding underneath.

If you can, lift up the mattress to check for bed bugs hiding underneath.

The Hair Dryer

This one really surprised me at first. According to an in-depth investigation of hotel cleanliness by ABC, hair dryers are among the major culprits for filth and germs. It’s mostly because these hot tools are rarely cleaned. It’s often overlooked, so germs and filth are therefore allowed to build up over months and years. Add hot air blowing those germs around, and you’ve got yourself a gross little party.

The Coffee Pot In Your Room

I will never make another cup of coffee in my hotel room again.

Some genius apparently thought it would be a good idea to share a free hotel laundry hack. He posted about the convenience of heating water in the coffee pot, adding soap, then washing dirty underwear. Boom, instant hotel laundry, right? Yuck.

Now, imagine you’re the person who fancies a hot coffee just one day after the underwear king touched it with his icky hands. See where I’m going with this? Just say no.

h/t: Bravo TV