Xbox Hygiene Products Now Exist

The world of gamers has officially been changed forever. Hardcore gamers and lovers of the Xbox spend hours, days, months and years playing games on their Xbox, spending time perfecting their techniques on their favorite games or trying to beat a new one.

One side effect of all of these hours of gaming is that hygiene can suddenly become a secondary concern. Now, one company is aiming to eliminate this very real stereotype. Microsoft and Unilever’s Lynx brand have created a partnership to make a line of personal hygiene products for men which are all Xbox inspired.

Here is the official description of the product. “Lynx Xbox is a fresh scent of pulsing green citrus, featuring top notes of kaffir lime and winter lemon, aromatic herbal middle notes of mint and sage, and woody bottom notes of patchouli and clearwood. Containing a range of natural essential oils, the Xbox Lynx range comes with a sleek new look and features a body spray, deodorant, and shower gel.”


Starting in July, these products will be available to purchase in stores and online, although you will need to live in Australia or New Zealand. The new products include deodorant, shower gel, and body spray. In a nod to the Xbox, the packaging is mostly clear, with the liquid inside being the easily recognizable Zbox lime green. The labels and tops of these new products are all black and sleek, similar to the Xbox game console.

Each product also includes a large Xbox logo, Lynx logo and the slogan “Lift Your Game.” These new Xbox products are also a great idea for gifts or stocking stuffers for the favorite gamers in your life. There is currently no information about when these products will be available overseas or a possible retail price for them.