Woof’in On The Waves       

For surfers, there is nothing like the perfect wave.  The anticipation and build up to that moment when you begin the ride.  Evidentally, that same thrill is shared by some of our furry friends, as it would seem that dogs enjoy surfing too.

This past Saturday marked the World Dog Surfing Championships held in Pacifica, California.  To say that the competition was “ruff” is pretty much a given.

Image: Abbiesurfs

For example, there was Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie rescue.  Abbie Girl has more than a real talent for ripping the surf.  She ended up being the recipient of a special award, Spirit of Surfing, for both her wonderful performance and total dedication to the sport of surfing.  She even received a third-place honor in the medium-sized dog’s category.

Image: YouTube

Next was Gidget, a very talented pug who can do turns on her board.  She even has a highly popular Instagram account with over 70,000 followers.  Gidget was a big winner, having received top honors as best little dog surfer, along with a second place for partnering with Prince Dudeman and even the Goughnuts Top Dog Award.  She was sure to be sporting a big smile at the end of the day.

Even though not all the participants were winners of awards, they were still winners in the hearts of the fans and those who attended the competition.  The forty- five registered contestants showed their dedication for the sport by donning their doggie wetsuits and taking to their surfboards to show off their unlimited talents.


The third annual championship succeeded in raising money for two different animal charities.  The event itself hosted various categories, including dogs surfing alone, with their owner, or even with a doggy pal.

The championship had a very large turnout, fun was enjoyed by all, and money was raised for two very worthy charities.  The event organizers were more than happy with the results, and are already hard at work planning next years championship.