Why Is The First Avengers 4 Trailer Being Moved Around And Taking So Long To Release

I don’t know about you but I am personally getting tired of all this delay in the Avenger 4 first trailer release.  Like most fans who have taken to social media who feel they are being teased and then messed with, I am about ready to take pen in hand and write to the Russo brothers, Marvel Studios, and even Disney Studios myself.

image: Variety.com

In the beginning, we were teased to expect the first trailer release somewhere within the week of, if not on, Thanksgiving.  Leading up to that time were all sorts of cryptic images and posts that were meant to whet our appetite and build a somewhat geek frenzy.  However, Thanksgiving came and went, and no trailer.

The speculation then turned to oh, they are going to release it on the anniversary of when they released the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War—November 30th.  Well, that day came and went and still no trailer.  So, what does that mean?

What it means is that we, the fans, are again left to wonder what is going on and when we will get our first look at the upcoming Avengers 4 movie.

It would seem, from the play out of events, that Disney Studios is the one throwing a big ol monkey wrench into the Avengers 4 trailers premiere.  As many fans know, Disney recently bought out Marvel Studios, and as such are calling ALL the shots.

So, instead of releasing the Avengers trailer, which is sure to overshadow any trailer released anywhere near the same time frame, Disney has decided to release trailers for two of their upcoming movies.  What makes this even more infuriating is that the two movies come out AFTER Avengers 4.

Image: Marvel Studios News

So, fans are left to idle down into hover mode, with an “I will know they are premiering the trailer when I see it” type of mindset.  Which is really a shame, because Disney needs to realize that by putting off the Avengers 4 trailer, and showing their movies trailers instead, will possibly create more than a little love lost on their movies in the long run.  I guess it is something they will have to experience to learn.

In the meantime, we the fans still do not have our Avengers 4 trailer.