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Why is Printer Ink So Expensive?

Everyone has experienced the struggle that is having to replace ink in a printer. The process is messy, time-consuming, and usually really expensive. It’s also usually right when you need to print something important out too, and the paper comes out of the printer with faded ink.

So, you open up the printer and there are these little ink cartridges that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and you need to not only pull them out and make sure you buy the right ones, but also install the new cartridges. A recent study from Consumer Reports revealed that repeatedly buying printer ink is the number one complaint among printer owners.

Turns out, that this is by design. Apparently, the manufacturers of printers realized that they could sell printers for cheaper prices, and then make the cost of printer ink much higher because people have to buy it for the printer to work.

Another issue to note is that certain printers require a specific type or size of ink, so the manufacturers aren’t just taking it on faith that you will buy the same brand, they are requiring you to do it so that the printer ink fits.

The only problem with this idea of having to buy a certain brand and size of printer ink is that usually, the printer doesn’t even use up all of the ink inside the ink cartridge. So, paying for new cartridges becomes a bit of a rip off over time.

Also, people have own inkjet printers are actually spending the most money on ink cartridges since inkjet printers use up more ink than any other types of printers. The more specialized the printer, the more the ink will cost. Most ink cartridges get about thirty pages out before they stop dispensing ink properly and need to be replaced.