What Happens When Dad Lets Little Girl Pick Yearbook Photo Outfit Is Kinda Inspiring

It was school picture day for three-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach, and her dad, Austin, had carefully picked out three different outfits for her to choose from. In typical toddler fashion, she refused them all.

Kaylieann had her own fashion sense in mind — a super-sense, if you will. When her dad saw what she chose instead, he simply couldn’t say no. The resulting school pictures were too cute not to share.

After Austin posted Kaylieann’s school pictures to Reddit, they quickly went viral and made the three-year-old an Internet sensation.

“I love her wearing these,” Austin told a local news station. In addition to the Supergirl outfit, she also has costumes for Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Thor, and the Hulk.

Not only is Kaylieann a bonafide super-toddler, she’s also 75% deaf in both ears. “I’ve always wanted her to be as independent as possible,” her father said, which often means letting her choose her own outfits.

Sometimes, however, the parents have to put their foot down — like when Kaylieann refused to wear anything but her Supergirl outfit for five days straight.

Kaylieann’s hearing problems are assisted by a sporty pair of purple-and-green hearing aids, and she’s learning sign language as well. But to her, “Superman” is “Pooterman,” because she can’t distinguish the letter “S”.

The young girl’s bright personality and superhero-levels of confidence have become a beacon of sunshine, both within the deaf community and for spreading awareness as well.

Despite her handicap, Kaylieann’s mother, Jami Steinbach, knows that there are no limits to what her daughter can accomplish.

“Being deaf isn’t necessarily a disability,” Jami said. “You’re still able to go out there, be yourself, be creative.” Her smiling young daughter certainly fits the bill.