Walmart Unveils Their Own Version of Dunkaroos

If you are a child of the 90s, or a millennial, it’s quite possible that you remember the unique and delicious snacks which were prominent in our school lunches. One of the most popular snacks was Dunkaroos, a mizture of crackers and vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles in a small package. Dunkaroos are also available with chocolate icing, although that flavor is more difficult to find, and have been discontinued in the United States for more than a decade.

Major retailer Walmart recently announced that they would release their own version of Dunkaroos, called the Freshness Guaranteed Dunk N’Crunch. According to a spokesperson for Walmart, these Freshness Guaranteed Dunk ‘N Crunch will in fact be available as an everyday item in the bakery section.

The Dunk N’Crunch features a plastic package with two separated compartments: one loaded with crunchy vanilla cookies, the other with rainbow sprinkles-swirled frosting. Walmart is marketing their take on these Dunkaroos as  “slightly grownup version of your favorite cookie and icing treat of the past.” Customers will be able to buy these Dunk N’Crunch packages in a  5.5-ounce snack pack which will have a retail price as $2.97.


The news isn’t an entirely new for Walmart, which is the major retailer which has been selling Dunkaroos and is pretty much the only place you could still find them in the United States. So it makes sense that Walmart would roll out their own version of this popular snack. However, there is no news on whether or not Walmart will roll out a second flavor with a chocolate flavor as well.

Walmart has previously released this Dunk N’Crunch product, and it was so popular that the retailer has brought it back for good this time. Just head to your local Walmart and check out the fresh bakery section to pick some up today!