Vera Bradley Announces Croc Shoes

In the summer, the ideal shoewear choice is a flip flop or a sandal. There are dozens of options for shoes and sandals, in all types of styles, sizes, and colors. One of the most well-known and controversial shoes, Crocs, are now available in a very fashionable pattern.

Vera Bradley, a brand known for its paisley designs on everything from handbags to wallets to luggage. Now, the brand is teaming up with Crocs to release a full line of shoes from Crocs to sandals to slip-ons, and even ballet flats. Just imagine the comfort of Crocs but with a more stylish looking shoe.

Right now, the collaboration comes in four different styles. The first is the Classic Clog, the familiar closed toe shoe with some color upgrades.  The second is the Sloane Slide, a slip-on sandal with a printed strip across the top of the foot and a favorite of athletes and flip flop wearers. The third is the Kadee Flat, a simple ballet flat, but with two cutouts around the ankle to add both style and comfort for the wearer.

The last option is the Freesail Clog, another comfy slip on but without a strap to secure around the back of the ankle. All of these new models come in three different color patterns: Mint Flowers, Firework Paisley, and Starry Gardens.


Anyone interested in purchasing these shoes find them at all available Vera Bradley stores and online at both and The shoes currently range from $39.99 to $49.99. This new design collection is not expected to be a limited edition line, so fans of the brand can expect to see these new shoe styles for awhile. However, the color palettes available now were specifically chosen for summer, and new styles or designs may be added in the future.