20 Anchorwomen That Had “Catastrophic” On-Air Wardrobe Fails

We tune in to them to see what the weather is gonna be like and rely on them to let us know what’s happening both around the globe and in our own backyard.  The lovely ladies of the news media have a tough job out there every day reporting the news in 5″ heels and low-cut skirts, all while trying to keep that hair camera ready.  Here are the top 20 “most revealing” goofs, gaffes and wardrobe malfunctions!


Why Am I Here?

When the cameras come on, Jacqueline Felgate obviously didn’t know that she was on the air.  First, she was swatting at a gnat, then let out a nice hearty cough.  She watched the gnat a little more… Played with her hair… Oh, yeah, hey there’s a camera in front of me!


Workout Wowza

The key thing you want to look for when shopping for workout wear is flexibility.  You want something that is going to move with you, stretch when you do, and keep its shape.  This reporter’s choice of on-air workout wear just about gave the viewers more of a workout than they were bargaining for.