20 Of The Worst…Err, Best Funniest Airport Photos Ever

Captain Pig

Seeing a pig in an airport under any circumstances is a reason to giggle. But take a closer look at this particular pig at the San Francisco Airport. For starters, it’s wearing a captain’s hat, which brings up the question of what captain is missing his hat. Also, this pig appears to be wearing a tutu and has fake nails that have been painted bright red. Yes, this is funny, but it also brings up a lot of questions that will be tough to answer.

Crash Into Me

There’s no way this is staged, right? The plane is from a Swedish airline, so for all we know, the runway was full of snow and ice as the pilot was attempting to land. Nevertheless, it’s hard to fathom a plane crashing into the terminal like that. We certainly hope that nobody got hurt, but seeing this photo is definitely shocking and funny at the same time.

Doggy Airlines

Obviously, there isn’t an airline solely for dogs, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo. There’s absolutely no sign of a human anywhere in it. The question that needs to be asked here is whether or not that dog had to pay for its own seat or if the owner planned on having him on his or her lap for the entire flight. Also, how do you think the dog is enjoying the view?