What A Cruise Is Really Like – Fantasy Versus Reality!

Onboard Nightlife – The Reality

Please, please, before you confirm any cruise booking, make sure what type and style of musical performances the cruise line offers.  We can not stress just how important that you make sure you have asked this important question.  In more cases than not, passengers find out that there isn’t anyone even near being a professional singer performing during the cruise.  Many cruises have opted to go the route of just offering karaoke machines, which allows every Tom, Dick, and Harry to just jump on stage, and belt out a tune.  If karaoke is your thing, then perfect.  If not, make sure you know before you go.

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A Little More Than Seasickness

In 2018, Royal Carribean Cruises were in the news due to passengers getting sick.  When cruising, it is expected that some of the passengers may suffer from one time or another with seasickness.  However, in this particular instance, this was not the case.  Departing from Baltimore, forty-seven passengers onboard The Grandeur of the Seas reported symptoms of some form or another of gastrointestinal illness.  They were not the only reports of passenger illness.  Within the same approximate time frame,  over two hundred passengers of a cruise from Singapore to Australia reported similar symptoms, as did three hundred thirty-two reports onboard a cruise from Florida.

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On The Water, Not In Water

When passengers sign up for a cruise, they are assuming that every aspect of the ship they are boarding is in proper working order.  However, passengers of the Carnival Dream learned that this is not necessarily true.  The one hundred passengers who signed up for the seven-day cruise, in actuality never got very far.  The staterooms and hallways of the ship became flooded.  Carnival Cruise Line, owner of the Carnival Dream stated that the flood was caused by break of the water line supplying the fire suppression system of the ship.  Those on board received a full refund and fifty percent off their next cruise.

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