Tourist Climbs Halfway Up A Mountain After Having Too Much To Drink

Most of us have done things we regret as a result of drinking too much. But one tourist visiting the Italian Alps actually has a rather impressive story to tell after getting drunk on vacation.

According to the Italian news outlet La Stampa, an Estonian tourist named Pavel had a few (too many) drinks one night while vacationing at the Cervinia Resort, a popular ski destination in western Italy. However, in his inebriated state, Pavel took a wrong turn on the walk back to his hotel.

Before he knew it, Pavel was actually walking up one of the ski slopes. By the time he realized that the terrain had become a bit steep, he was well up the mountain. While it’s tough to live down mistaking a street for a ski hill, it’s hard not to be impressed by Pavel traversing the mountain in his drunken state.

By the time Pavel realized that he had not yet made it back to his hotel in a swift manner, it was past 2 a.m. In a fortuitous twist, Pavel found himself in close proximity to a bar and restaurant called Igloo.

While the establishment was closed, Pavel somehow managed to break in and seek shelter for the night. He then had the foresight to drink a couple bottles of water before falling asleep on a cushioned bench.

Being April, overnight temperatures in the Italian Alps were not as cold as they could have been a few months ago. However, it would have been unpleasant and dangerous for Pavel to spend the night on the mountain without shelter.

The next morning, restaurant staffers arrived and discovered Pavel asleep on the bench. Police, a fire brigade, and drones had been sent out as part of a search party. Fortunately, Pavel was safe and sound inside the restaurant.

“It went well, it’s not so cold,” said Igloo owner Alessandro Zavattaro. “But spend a night on the snow…”

Local police said Pavel will not be charged with any crimes. However, he will be fined for what ended up being a relatively harmless drunken accident.