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The Most Threatening Planes In Military History

Since the dawn of civilization, the great empires and world powers have devoted their time and money to building the biggest, deadliest military technology they possibly could.  With the invention of the aircraft, we managed to reach new levels of military protection, technology, intelligence, and warfare.  The aircraft you are about to see are pure war machines.  Many of these flying beasts have rarely been seen by civilian eyes, with only a few known photographs in circulation.   What you are about to see are among the largest military weapons ever made by man.

The Caspian Sea Monster

Here’s another plane with a perfectly picked name.  This Russian monster was created to fly close to the surface for military and rescue teams.

The experimental vehicle was the only one of its kind ever produced, and it ended up being destroyed.  You can still fly one in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, though.

How It Works

The Xian H-6 Bomber

This Chinese aircraft was first flown in 1958 and had a long career in the military afterward.  The H-6 bomber also served in the Egyptian and Iraqi Air Forces, retired in 2000 and 1991, respectively.  Many versions have been produced since then with variations on technology, storage, and refueling capabilities.

Luftwaffe A.S.