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These Planes Are The Biggest, Baddest War Machines In Military History

For centuries, the great empires and world powers have devoted their time and money to the biggest, deadliest military technology they could get their hands on.  With the invention of the aircraft, we managed to reach new levels of protection, intelligence, and warfare.

These planes are straight war machines and are among the largest military weapons in world history.

The Hughes H-4 Hercules, A Complete Monster

On land, we have monster trucks; in aerospace, the Hughes H-4 Hercules sets the bar in terms of monster planes.

This gargantuan aircraft was built for transatlantic flights during World War II and wasn’t completed in time to actually do its job.  It only took one brief flight, but remains the largest flying boat ever built, as well as the widest wingspan of any aircraft in history.


The Long And Strong Convair XC-99

Here’s another monster plane that’s one of a kind.  The Convair XC-99 comes in second place as the largest piston engine-powered air craft, just behind the Hercules.  With a wingspan of 230 feet and six rear-mounted turbines, the XC-99 was a beast.  On one mission, it carried over 40,000 tons of cargo.

The XC-99 was retired in 1957 and lives in Ohio today.

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