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The New Way To Pop The Question


Popping the question has taken on a whole new look with the recently introduced “will you?” ring.  The ring is intended to be a sort of placeholder for the actual engagement ring.

The creators of the concept, Helzberg Diamonds, stated it is intended to take the pressure off young couples because it places a hold until both can pick out the actual engagement ring together.   This, in turn, helps to calm their nerves.

The “will you?” ring runs approximately $50 and comes with a discount code on the future purchase of the actual engagement rings.

Image: Simply Elegant Weddings

The Helzberg Diamonds commissioned a study and found that 73% of men believe that the actual popping of the question should come as a complete surprise.

However, in the same study, 43% of those surveyed said that the couple should pick the engagement ring out together, which in essence completely does away with any element of surprise.

To say that people are taking to social media over the concept would be an understatement.   Although may agree somewhat with the survey results mentioned above, others feel that the new type of engagement ring takes away from the original purity of the process.

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In the 80’s we saw the introduction of something similar called the promise ring.  For years this concept was all the rage.

The basic idea is that you were promising yourself to the individual, with the intent to actually get engaged, most probably picking out the actual engagement ring together and then getting married at some point in the future.

However, the idea of the promise ring, for the most part, fizzled out as most couples rarely lasted long enough to see the wedding day.

It seems that every few years someone comes up with a workaround to an actual engagement ring.

The engagement ring has been around for too long, and companies can come up with a way to subvert it as much as they want, but the truth remains that if you want a lifelong relationship, do it the right way from the beginning and put an actual engagement ring on it.