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The Dark Path That Led “Flip or Flop” HGTV Stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa to Divorce

Tarek Verbally Attacked Christina While Filming

Of course, putting on a show for millions of TV fans wasn’t easy. And while the El Moussas pretended as well as they could, those around them were worried about the marriage — especially for Christina’s sake.

According to Radar Online, Tarek constantly treated Christina terribly on set. While the two certainly did their share of bickering and fighting, producers and others on the set of Flip or Flop were horrified at Tarek’s behavior. He was known to yell at Christina in front of production, constantly insulted her, and even blamed her for sabotaging their marriage. Even worse, it’s said that Tarek would verbally attack Christina, then laugh at her when she became upset.


Tarek Was Jealous of Christina’s Popularity

Here’s one reason why Tarek may have been so volatile every time he was around Christina: he was insanely jealous of her success and popularity.

According to those who were on the set of Flip or Flop, Tarek almost had a split personality. When the cameras rolled, he was cheerful, pleasant, and downright enjoyable to be around. But when production stopped, he immediately changed. He was resentful of Christina, often citing her expensive taste and spending habits as huge problems. And as Christina gained more and more attention from fans, Tarek grew even more jealous. One source says that as Christina shined, Tarek “regressed”.

Christina Physically Couldn’t Be Around Tarek On Set

Many Flip or Flop fans were highly impressed that Tarek and Christina were able to finish out the final season of their show together, despite their personal problems and crumbling marriage. But what they didn’t realize is that these issues were nearly impossible for Christina to deal with on set.

During their final seasons together, Christina physically couldn’t be near Tarek while filming occurred. Though she often praised the crew and posted photos on social media — even including Tarek in them — the truth was that Christina stayed as far away from her husband as possible on set. She only interacted with him and stood near him when required.