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The Dark Path That Led “Flip or Flop” HGTV Stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa to Divorce

Christina Started Dating Someone New

It’s easy to assume Christina wasn’t exactly thrilled when the news of Tarek’s infidelity broke. But surprisingly, she didn’t appear too concerned. Before the two officially announced their divorce, they were living separate lives — and Christina decided to move on quickly.

Christina started dating Gary Anderson, a contractor and friend of the El Moussas, before the divorce was final. Anderson was even present at the El Moussa home the day Tarek went on the run with a gun, and he was a witness for the police. But it wasn’t until after that incident that Anderson and Christina started getting romantic. It was simply the straw that made Christina ready to move on.

Tarek Didn’t Trust Christina

It’s no surprise that the El Moussas didn’t trust one another. Tarek was explosive and having an affair with the nanny, and Christina was quickly moving on with a new man. But even before these big events happened, Tarek was causing problems in the marriage with a lack of trust.

In Touch Weekly reported that Tarek was suspicious of Christina well before the two decided to split. He believed she was cheating on him, and it led to huge fights between them. Christina was starting to get close to others, and Tarek believed she was starting affairs — but in reality, he had no proof of anything inappropriate. He was simply angry and distrustful of any move Christina made.


They Were Secretly Miserable for Years

While Tarek and Christina may have seemed perfectly happy on Flip or Flop and at different press events, there was trouble brewing long before their explosive and shocking divorce. In fact, though viewers and fans had no idea anything was wrong, the El Moussas’ marriage was falling apart for years.

Tarek and Christina had actually been struggling to get along for years. Before they officially separated, the two were simply parading around a facade and faking their happiness. They kept secrets from one another, turned simple fights into screaming matches, and even spied on one another. They would fight for hours; but as soon as the cameras went up to film, Christina and Tarek would immediately act nice to one another.