The McRib Is Back—But With A Catch

In today’s society, people become fans of almost everything and anything.  And as such, they are totally devoted to the point of obsession.  The fans of the item we are featuring in this article borderline on obsessed—to say the least.

The item is the McDonald’s McRib sandwich, which over the years has developed quite the loyal following.  The McRib is McDonald’s take on a BBQ’ed pork rib sandwich.  First introduced in 1981, the McRib stayed on the McDonald’s menu until 1985, when it was pulled due to poor sales performance.

Image: Mirror

The sandwich was again introduced in 1989, this time remaining on the menu in many countries until 2005.

It was in 2006 that McDonald’s decided to only bring the McRib back each year, for a very limited time.  Which brings us to this article.  You got it—the McRib is back, for a limited time, and its fans are jumping with joy.

Available once again on October 29th, 2018, there is a downside this time around.  The iconic sandwich will only be available to only 9,000 locations nationwide.  Sorry Alaska and Hawaii fans, the locations chosen are only within the continuous 48 states.

The most exciting part of this newest release is that this time around McDonald’s has gone mobile with the McRib.  That’s right, you can not only have your McRib fix, but you can have it delivered.  How totally awesome is that I ask you! McDonald’ss is partnering with Uber Eats during this promotion, so that together they can make sure you get your McRib fix, and at your convenience.


McDonald’s has even created a dedicated app for the sandwich, with the following information included:

“A sandwich that has had fans clamoring for more than 35 years, the McRib is made with seasoned boneless pork and slathered in tangy, delicious barbeque sauce—its topped with slivered onions and tart pickles on a hoagie style bun.”

Fans of the sandwich can download the McDonald’s Finder App to locate a location close to them where they can get their McRib fix.