The Doctor Was A Female Before This Regeneration

With the newest regeneration of the Doctor, on the British hit TV series Doctor Who, fans have been taking to the internet in both their approval and love of the Doctor being a female this time around.  However, in the latest episode, Arachnids of UK, it would seem that those in charge of the show are up to the shenanigans they have become known for.

If the information presented in the latest episode is to be taken at its word, it would seem this is NOT the first regeneration that the Doctor has had that is female.  And, if this information is true, then there is a large plot gap in the overall history of the character.

Image: E! Online

Although it is true, the scriptwriters and showrunners for the Doctor Who series have always reminded viewers that what they have seen is just a fraction of the Doctor’s lifetime adventures.  However, with this latest episode, it would appear it also goes further than that.

When relaunched in 2005, the then creator Russell T. Davies stated that since we last saw the Doctor, he and the universe had been in the throws of a Time War.  When the series rebooted with Christopher Eccleston at the helm of the TARDIS, that Time War had just ended.

It was then that viewers learned of a regeneration that took place, revealing a Doctor that had never been seen—referred to as The War Doctor.

Image: BBC America

This brings us back to the most recent episode.  In a specific section of dialogue, where the Doctor is trying to make small talk, she mentions of a time she was “a sister in an aqua hospital”.  A “sister’ is as we know a female title for a nurse.  So, by the Doctor’s own admission, she has had more than one regeneration resulting in a female.

As a fan of the series, it will be fun to see just how they will work more of this previously unknown regeneration into future episodes.  One never really knows what the Doctor has been, or is up to, next and that is what makes him/her the lovable character that he/she is.