The 25 Most Evil Figures Who Have Shaped World History

It’s true that evil is all around us, and these 25 tyrants, dictators, murderers, and sadists have committed a wide range of atrocities and crimes against humanity. While plenty of these people died many centuries ago, some of them are such recent political and historical figures that you’ll surely recognize their names.

First In Line: Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is likely the first person that comes to mind in terms of evil. He led the Nazi regime and coordinated the systemic killing of six million Jews, millions of other “subhumans,” and an estimated 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war. The warfare of World War II constitutes the deadliest conflict in world history.

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Saddam Hussein, Murderer Of His Own People

Saddam Hussein killed over two million of his own people in acts of religious genocide. He raised two sons who inherited his same ideology; both died before him, but not until one had committed one of the largest bank heists in history. Hussein was hanged for crimes against humanity in 2006.

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