Soda Drinkers Up In Arms

With the recent tariff increases placed on imported items, soda drinkers will have to pay more for their refreshing fix.

The ten percent increase on tariffs means that the import of aluminum that many soda companies use to contain their products will force them to hike the cost on their soda, passing the additional cost right down the line to the consumer.

Image: Woolworths

Coca-Cola announced just recently that this is what they will be doing, increasing cost, and charging the public more.  How much is not known at this point, but soda drinkers are going to social media to voice their unhappiness already.

The soda cost increase is just one of many to come.  The tariff increase will affect other industries as well such as boats, motorcycles, campers, furniture, and even beer.  This, in turn, will bring the increase in the tariffs straight to the consumer’s doorstep.  The companies will not be able to absorb the increase themselves, so they will most assuredly pass it on to the consumer.

Image: CGTrader

Many are voicing a concern that the tariffs, the future of trade tensions, and a recession could all be working towards setting up for the making of a not so perfect storm that could present long-lasting, detrimental effects that could ripple outward and touch everything in its wake.  There is also fear that with the current state of the economy that there is the possibility that consumers will press pause, resulting in a drastic drop in sales.

No matter how you look at it, one thing is for sure.  The next time you pop open that can of Coca-cola, you will have most probably paid much more for it than the one before.  Best to enjoy it as long as you can.