Seems We Have Not Seen The Last Of Rick Grimes Just Yet

To the delight of every Walking Dead fan alive, the beloved character of Rick Grimes will not go quietly into the sunset.

It seems although he is still leaving the cult series Walking Dead, AMC that will not be letting go of Andrew Lincoln’s fan-favorite character of Rick Grimes just yet.  And all we can say is thank goodness!!

Image: Geeks Of Doom

In a recent official announcement, AMC has stated that Lincoln will be reprising his role of Grimes in the upcoming trilogy of movies based on the Walking Dead tv series.

The news of the reprisal dropped just one day, this past Monday, after Lincoln’s final appearance on the current season of the Walking Dead.  What started as a very sad and upsetting episode for many fans, has now turned into jubilation at the announcement.

Although the powers that be at AMC have stated that Lincoln will not be returning to the Walking Dead, show writer Scott M Gimple did offer a little info and teased the fans in the after show segment of the Talking Dead:

“We’re gonna continue telling his story in a series of original AMC films.  It expands the universe.  It’s gonna show a different corner of the world.”

Image: AMC

What this means, is anyone’s guess, but even as cryptic as it may sound, it is still better than a tv-verse without Rick Grimes in it.

Fans of the show have been very upset since the announcement last season of one of the true original characters of the show leaving.  Going into the season, it was known that Lincoln’s character would indeed appear in a few of the first episodes, but this still did not sit well with die-hard fans. As it turns out, however, the fans will not have to say goodbye after all.

It appears that AMC, much like the show’s fans, isn’t quite done with Rick Grimes or Andrew Lincoln quite yet.