Scammers Are Stealing Your Identity And You Have The Power To Stop Them

The news has been filled with stories of how scammers are stealing ATM PIN numbers from innocent people every single minute of the day.  However, most reports, although they are well-meaning in the warnings, are not very forthcoming on how the scammers are able to steal the PIN or how the victims themselves may work to prevent it from happening in the first place.

In todays world, news of identity theft is as common as—well—breathing.  Everyone is fair game, and scammers do not differentiate between rich or poor, young or old.  Keeping that in mind, everyone needs to be on guard and ready to respond when and if their information is stolen or hijacked.

In an effort to curb your PIN information being stolen, we are going to let you in on a secret as to how scammers actually achieve the act, so that you may be on the outlook for it next time you are out and about shopping.  We are also going to give you a simple fix for the problem as well.

Image: Lifehacker

Simply put—they use their iPhone.  That’s right, an iPhone.  The same type of phone that you yourself may own and use each and every day of your life.  However, scammers have taken the use of the iPhone to a level that we are pretty sure Apple never intended.

With the simple purchase of a specific type of infrared camera attachment, when you are using your ATM card, and are putting in your PIN number, the scammers are standing right near you, acting casual as they outright steal your code.

Now, the question is, how can you prevent the stealing of your PIN and protect your accounts?  The solution is extremely simple and really doesn’t require any special equipment on your part.  Just your hand.  That’s right, by simply placing your hand over the PIN number area, when you are punching your PIN number in, will block the camera’s view.  You could even go a step further and punch in a few extra numbers for good measure.

Image: PCMag

Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing that with this little extra effort your information is your own and protected from the scammers.