Resolving to Love Better in 2018

Now that folks have had a week to let the New Year sink in, to make plans for a better self in 2018, to return to work/routines, it is time to get real about the resolutions. 

Many people have already said that this will be the year that the resolutions are kept, that change is on the horizon and it is time to hop on. Whether it be to have better fitness goals, eat healthier, or make more new friends, it can be difficult to keep these going beyond the first month or even the first couple of weeks. But now is the time to really kick it into gear for the year.

Maybe some of you resolved to get fit or have more fun, but maybe some of you are looking for some relationship building, maintaining, or rebuilding with loved ones. If so, there is hope for you. If you are looking to make a relationship that you currently have (romantic, friendship, familial, etc) stronger, there is a higher likelihood of that happening if you are doing it as a team. Setting goals together means better accountability and focus. Having relationship goals also means having to communicate about your expectations, your milestones, and the challenges along the way.

If you haven’t thought about what those goals should be, you can start simply with a measurable, but achievable goal. Treat each other as kindly as you do good friends. Especially when it comes to couples, there are levels of kindness that we do not give our partners that we do give other people in our lives. Do you give your friends the benefit of the doubt, but not your spouse? Do you treat the waitress/waiter with respect, but as soon as he/she is gone, you are back to talking to your significant other in a rude or defensive tone?

Taking notice of those instances and making changes can really mean a happier, healthier relationship by treating the other person with more respect, compassion, and love instead of taking them for granted. This resolution can go a long way in improving the relationship of many who find themselves needing a change for the better.