15 Pet Celebs Who Probably Earn More Money Than You

Classic Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat’s human, 28-year-old Tabatha Bundesen, was able to quit her waitressing job in Arizona once the internet started paying the bills.  Reports that the feline had earned up to $100 million are “completely inaccurate,” according to Bundesen.  The kitty’s agent, Ben Lashes, told the Wall Street Journal that she netted in “the low six-figures” at one point.  The furball’s YouTube channel has over 16 million views and she also has an endorsement deal with Friskies.

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Manny The Philanthropic French Bulldog

Chicago’s very own pet celebrity is named Manny.  The French bulldog built an Instagram fan base of over 800,000 followers, and his parents turned that social media buzz into social media bucks.  Manny has collaborated with American Apparel, the ASPCA, and the French Bulldog Rescue Network, and he’s also hosted fundraisers and toured around the United States.  All of this adds up to money for charity—around $150,000, to be exact, over the course of his canine career.

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Henri, Le Chat Noir

With millions of views on YouTube, Henri the cat stars in videos featuring chic French subtitles and hilarious storylines.  The series, dubbed Le Chat Noir, chronicles the existential musings of a cat trapped in its mind.  The kitty reportedly earns $1,000 a week through online merchandise sales!  Henri 2, Paw De Deux was revered by iconic film critic Roger Ebert as “the best internet cat video ever made.”  That’s a crowning achievement in and of itself!