Paint Your Own Outdoor Floor Tiles With This Easy DIY Project

Does your concrete patio look bland, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars installing tile? This easy DIY project will turn that plain concrete into gorgeous stenciled tiles. Blogger Dabuto¬†created this unique tiled look in two days with stencils and a couple coats of bright blue paint.

Stuff You’ll Need

Start by gathering all the supplies you will need. Pick out a stencil pattern that you love, two colors of paint (or more!), enough 4-inch paint rollers and trays for your different colors, along with painter’s tape to secure the stencil during painting. Finally, purchase enough clear¬†matte natural paver sealer to apply four coats to the finished concrete. The stencil size in this project was 10 inches.

Getting Started

Find the center of your room or concrete area using a measuring tape. Center the stencil and face it parallel to one of your concrete sides. Using one of the 4-inch paint rollers, apply your first color. Try not to load the roller with too much paint, as it will gather underneath the stencil and ruin the pattern’s lines.

If you want to make the process go a little faster, you can purchase two stencils. This way, you can stencil a second paint color while you wait for the first to dry. Apply two coats of paint per square, letting them dry in between. Don’t worry if the “tiles” aren’t perfectly spaced. A little bit of variation won’t make a difference in the final product.

Applying The Sealer

Once the tiles are painted, apply four coats of clear matte paver sealer. The sealer looks milky when you first apply it, but don’t worry! It will dry clear and without bubbles. The paint can take up to a month to cure, depending on the outside temperature and humidity. So, be gentle during this time to avoid messing up the newly painted tiles.

Finished Product

Enjoy! You’ve just created an amazing outdoor space for a fraction of the cost of using real tiles.