Murphy Brown Reboot Given The Ax After Only Thirteen Episodes

In a recent release of their winter premieres, it appears that CBS hasn’t ordered any further episodes of the recently rebooted Candace Bergen series Murphy Brown.  The series appears to have been canceled half-way through its freshman year.

In the original series, Bergen portrayed an alcoholic newswoman, Murphy Brown.  Although Brown dated infrequently, the only constant male influence in her life was that of her philosophical house painted, Eldin Bernecky.

In the reboot, Murphy has been retired from the news business.  That is until fake news gives her fits, and she returns to the news game.  Mix in a grown son, and you can see that the once ensemble newscasters idea has shifted more to a family-based concept.

Image: Time Magazine

According to someone connected with the CBS network, the series was never meant to be a continuous ongoing one.  From the beginning, it was only expected to be a thirteen episodes event.  However, it probably didn’t help their case that the show didn’t open with high ratings, unlike its fellow rebooted revivals like “Roseanna” (aka “The Conners) and “Will & Grace”.

As far as the actual ratings, the Murphy Brown reboot debuted back in September to a rating of 1.1 in adults 18-49 along with 7.5 million views Live+Same Day.  In the Live+7 day, the multi-cam comedy is stated as averaging 1.4 and 9.1 million viewers overall to date.  Add in that there are higher costs associated with the series production being that it shoots in New York instead of Los Angeles.

Image: Citizen Truth

CBS has already lined out another comedy to replace Murphy Brown when the current episodes are done.  The comedy “Fam” will air on Thursday, January 10 at 9:30 pm EST.  “Fam” will star Nina Dobrev (previously of “The Vampire Diaries”) and Tone Bell, as a young couple who are living the perfect life.  That is until Dobrev’s 16-year-old younger sister enters the scene, and pretty much turns the couples world upside down.

Fans take on the reboot was mixed, and that may have had an effect on the overall ratings.  Either way, it would seem maybe the character has run her course, and should just bow out of the news game for good.