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Man Gifts Super Bowl Tickets To Eagles Fan and Teen Cancer Survivor

Thanks to the generosity of a Minnesota man who prefers to remain anonymous, a 13-year old cancer survivor will get a chance to see his beloved Philadelphia Eagles play in the Super Bowl.

The Minnesota man, a Vikings fan, won two tickets to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis through a charity raffle two tickets before the Vikings lost to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. When the Vikings lost, the man knew he wanted to give the tickets away.

After dong a little research, the man found 13-year old Cole Fitzgerald, an Eagles fan and cancer survivor from southern New Jersey. Cole was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was 3-years old. He also suffers from a joint disorder that has prevented him from ever being able to play football.

The anonymous man found articles in Philadelphia newspapers about Cole serving as the manager for his middle school’s football team and how he refuses to let his illness stop him from pursuing his dream of being part of an NFL coaching staff. That’s when the man decided he wanted the Super Bowl tickets to go to Cole.

He contacted Spare Key, a non-profit organization in Minnesota that helps families with sick or injured children. Over the weekend, Spare Key Director of Development Mary Serie paid a visit to Cole’s house to surprise him with the Super Bowl tickets.


“No way,” Cole said upon being given the tickets. “Oh my goodness, I know what it is.”

In addition to the two tickets for Cole and his father, Bill Fitzgerald, Delta has donated plane tickets so father and son can travel to Minneapolis this weekend. A hotel near the Mall of America has given them a room for the weekend. Cole and his father have also been invited to a pregame party.

Unfortunately, Cole will never meet the anonymous man who donated the tickets. But he is sure to have a weekend he won’t soon forget, especially if the Eagles win.

“I want to thank the fan,” says Cole. “Sorry for your season. Good luck next year.”