Man Asks Strangers To Fulfill Bucket List for Sick Wife

A devoted husband is doing everything he can to help his dying wife experience all the items on her bucket list as she fights a losing battle with cancer.

Kerryann Harper had big plans for her life and a bucket list a mile long. Unfortunately, the 31-year old has terminal cancer and is too weak to do many of the items on her list.

Her husband, Gillan, recently posted on Facebook to explain that Kerryann has become too weak to fulfill her bucket list. He’s now asking others to check off items for her, adding that one day he hopes to complete the list with the couple’s 1-year old daughter, Emely, when she’s old enough.

“The only thing I can think of is to let Kerryann have the experience through yourselves – the stranger, friend, or simply anyone kind enough to help,” wrote Gillan. “I would love to show her some videos of people doing things just to see her smile again.”

There are roughly three dozen items on Kerryann’s bucket list. Many of the items include traveling to places like Dubai, Iceland, and the United States. She also wished to enjoy several concerts and do a couple more adventurous activities like snowboarding and viewing sharks through a cage.

“Have a look at the bucket list,” writes Gillan, “If you have it in your heart to help complete this for Kerryann. That alone will bring a smile to her face.”


Using #ForKerryann, people worldwide have started to check off items from Kerryann’s bucket list. They have submitted pictures of themselves sky diving and swimming with dolphins, as well as visiting Disneyland and watching the northern lights in Iceland.

Obviously, it’s not quite the same as experiencing all those things for herself, but it’s the best her devoted husband could do for Kerryann as she continues to fight against cancer.

“I’m still not giving up MY fight though,” Kerryann recently wrote on Instagram. “Trying to get my energy back so I can get out and about with Gillan and Emely and enjoy however long I have left.”