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There’s Been A Groundbreaking Development In Natalee Holloway’s 2005 Disappearance

Every teen dreams of taking a trip with their friends, across the country or even around the world. Natalee Holloway was lucky enough to have a class trip to Aruba with her pals before going off to college in 2005, but it ended in sudden tragedy when the teen went missing with little to no leads.

The case of this missing 18-year-old girl has remained a mystery for over 12 years, but a recent unsettling finding may pinpoint exactly what took place that fateful night in paradise.

Natalee Holloway Had A Happy Childhood

Natalee Holloway experienced the ideal, carefree childhood.  She grew up in Mississippi, and her parents separated when she was rather young.  Holloway moved with her mother and younger brother to Alabama in 2000, and despite the emotional trauma caused by a divorce, she was still a happy, carefree kid.

This continued into her high school years, and she was always ready to explore the world around her.  This teen couldn’t wait to move on to college, but she had a few things she wanted to do first.

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High School Was Coming To A Close

Holloway graduated from high school in the year 2005, and she didn’t just scrape by.  She maintained perfect grades and graduated at the top of her class, making her an excellent candidate for attending college.  Holloway got accepted to the University of Alabama, while her close friends would be attending other colleges throughout the country come fall.

Holloway was ready to have one last adventure with all of her friends by her side, but she didn’t know it would be her last.

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