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Insect Lovers Rejoice—Now You Can Get Your Fix Any Time You Need

If you reside in the UK and find yourself with a hankering for some smokey, barbeque flavored roasted crickets, well now you will not have to go without.

Sainsbury’s, a high-end supermarket chain based in the UK, is introducing a new line of edible insects.  They are the first of their kind to pioneer this offering, and they believe that it is a very profitable yet untapped area.

Image: The Independent

With the edible insects being offered in 250 of their current stores, the company is presently touting their Smoky BBQ crunchy roasted crickets, stating:

“…the smokey BBQ crunchy roasted crickets are crunchy in texture with a rich smoky flavor.”

Although they have just made their way into Sainsbury’s supermarkets, the little bugs have been selling through the online supermarket Ocado for five months, and have received somewhat mixed reviews.

One review of the product, which only garnered one out of five stars offered:

“My hubby said they didn’t taste at all of BBQ…all he could taste was fish sauce.  Way too expensive as well.”

However, another reviewer gave the product a full five out of five stars, stating:

“Tried the final flavor in this selection and LOVED this—much tastier than a bag of crisps without the calories.  Couldn’t stop eating them!”


Sainsbury’s suggests that those who purchase the roasted crickets can eat them as a simple snack, or even use them to top tacos, noodles, or even salads.

Currently, insects are eaten and enjoyed by over two million people worldwide.  In a recent survey, Sainsbury reported that ten percent of Briton’s have tried insects, and more those half of those who tried them stated they enjoyed them.

And if all of that doesn’t convince you, there is the health aspect of their consumption.  It seems that crickets contain more protein per gram than beef, chicken, and even pork.  Crickets contain sixty-one grams of protein per one hundred grams, whereas beef only contains thirty-one grams.