20 Hilarious Notes Left By Angry Neighbors Who’ve Had Enough

Unless you decide to take up residence wayyy out in the country, you are going to have neighbors.  It’s a fact of life.  And although you may live within 10 or 20 feet of each other, you are not always going to agree on everything.  The saying “good fences make good neighbors” is absolutely true — as evidenced in the 20 examples you’re about to see.

For the neighbors featured here, all it took was one tiny conflict to spiral out of control.  Like, really out of control.  What once was a lukewarm, cordial relationship could quickly turn into an exchange of words, physical altercations and angry notes that there is no coming back from.  Here are 20 examples of angry neighbor notes that are extremely uncomfortable — and downright hilarious!

Can We Say Snark Much?

Anyone who has had a fence between them and their neighbor knows that over time the fence will need maintenance.  If it is a chainlink fence, unless something falls on it, they are one of the lowest maintenance fences out there.  However, when it comes to wood fencing, after just a few years, mother nature will take its tole.  Sometimes with just a little paint, a dismal looking wood fence can be made to look somewhat new again.  However, I am pretty sure that when this neighbor got a suggestion to paint their fence, this is not what the suggestion had in mind.

It’s A Free Country…Right?

After living in a neighborhood for a while, we get into a certain routine.  We may or may not know our current neighbors, and when new ones move in there is always an adjustment period.  That only goes to say.  However, in the case of these neighbors, the first introduction to the newest addition to the community came in the way of a note.  A note?  Yep, a note.  And not just any note, but one that pretty much instructs you on how your family is supposed to conduct themselves when the neighbor’s daughter is at home.