Haagen-Dazs Tests Facebook Messenger Based Delivery Service

Being an ice cream lover just got easier. Haagen-Dazs recently decided to test out a new ice cream delivery service called Haagen-Dazs NOW. Customers will be able to order ice cream through Facebook Messenger and then have it delivered right to them, even if they are on the go.

The service uses web-based geolocation APIs, to find customers. Customers can order the ice cream they want through Facebook Messenger and then that order goes to a Haagen-Dazs team member, who prepares the order and sends it out for delivery. Customers can track the order using geolocation, and the team member can deliver the ice cream in a temperature controlled delivery van, fully equipped with portable freezer bags.


Source: Forbes

The system is similar to the Uber ride-hailing service, using real-time based technology to complete transactions, including payments. This is the first time a major ice cream company has entered the food delivery service and the first time an online food ordering service has been paired with Facebook.

Samuel Horner, the Haagen-Dazs brand manager explained that “Depending on how this goes, we will evaluate how it could fit into our future consumer engagement plans in the U.K. and beyond.” There are currently no plans to expand the testing to other cities or any ideas of how successful the test run will be.

The company is publicly announcing the test run of the ordering service because they are very interested in getting feedback from customers about the experience, which will inform the future of the delivery service. The company also recognizes that since the deliveries are based on geolocation and through mobile ordering, that there will be bugs and bumps in the road that they will have to work through. The test run was planned for London’s Russell Square in early September, and there has been no word on how successful that test run was so far.

Source: Food Navigator