Feel Good

45 Adorable Guilty Dog Pics That Will Make Your Day

It Wasn’t Me

It’s not totally clear whether dogs can feel the same complex emotions of shame and guilt that we do. After all, shame and guilt are tied to responsibility and consciousness. Dogs are able to experience basic emotions such as excitement, fear, anger, and love, according to Modern Dog magazine.

Liberal America

My Bad, I Didn’t Mean To

According to Scientific American, 74% of dog owners out there believe that their dogs experience feelings of guilt. There’s not much empirical evidence for these kinds of secondary emotions, though, as scientists tend to believe that non-human animals don’t have the same self-awareness that we do.

The Dodo

For The Love Of Garbage

One human’s trash is truly another canine’s treasure. We consider our food scraps and trash to be pure garbage, right? To dogs, though, it’s just more food. Smelly, interesting food. It’s exciting and interesting to a curious animal, and rummaging can turn up fun things to chew or eat.

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