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45 Adorable Guilty Dog Pics That Will Make Your Day

The Paper Shredder Function

Imagine what it would be like to repurpose your dog’s love for destroying documents. Instead of spending time feeding sheets of paper into a shredder, you could simply place a stack of documents on the floor, alert your pooch, and return ten minutes later to dispose of the mess.


Serious Repairs

When you consider that dogs are only a bit smaller than us and much more easily entertained, it’s crazy that they don’t tear our homes down from wall to wall.

“I locked myself in the bathroom to eat diapers,” says this sign, “and then I let myself out.”

Simple enough.

Blaze Press

Wearing It Like A Necklace

This seems to be a phenomenon not unlike horses getting stuck in tractor tires. There are so many photos of dogs wearing trash can lids around their necks, and it really makes perfect sense. Why buy a dog-proof waste basket when you can enjoy this particular kind of goofiness?