Feel Good

45 Adorable Guilty Dog Pics That Will Make Your Day

Skunked Up

Skunks, in all of their striped, smelly glory, are usually so skittish. We usually only deal with sprays when we come across one accidentally, so it’s surprising for a large dog to have gotten this close to a skunk. In this case, though, it was apparently a pretty easy feat. Bath time!

Life With Dogs

The Diet Shame

We’ve all been there. Too much indulgence, then the next thing you know your tummy is dragging on the ground and your owner is putting you on a diet. Why should you have to eat those yucky diet treats when there’s a perfectly good shoe to snack on? It’s even low in calories!


I Fixed Your Seat

This good boy was just trying to fix the age-old argument between his owners: keep the seat up or keep the seat down? Think of all the cleaning supplies they’ll save by not having a toilet seat! Or perhaps he just thought this was the latest in doggie fashion accessories?