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45 Adorable Guilty Dog Pics That Will Make Your Day

No More Signs Needed

This doggie parent needs to figure out a way to deter all of this toilet paper destruction. Why are dogs so entertained by destroying paper products, anyway? They’re flavorless, silent, and boring. No matter what, until something is done, this owner’s sign will never, ever make it past zero.

Just 4 Pet Care

Interspecies Trouble

Cats and dogs can get along, and this photo is real proof that it’s not always for the better. This dog has found a way to destroy twice the amount of pet toys, and he’s now hooked on either catnip or the scent and taste of kitty spit.


Puppy Problems

It’s safe to guess that this person’s local HVAC company has seen this happen before. Of course, it probably happened in the middle of winter, when you really need to keep the heat on. Is this pooch showing toilet training potential, though? It could be worth a try.

Awesomely Cute