Former Canine Mayor Of Kentucky Passes Away

On Tuesday it was learned that Lucy Lou, former sitting mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky had passed away.  What most do not know is that Lucy was a dog—and yes she was actually a former mayor of a small Kentucky town.

If you think that it was a one-time thing, you would be wrong.  Seems that Rabbit Hash, an unincorporated town in Kentucky, has a long-standing tradition and history of electing dogs as their town mayors.  Lucy was elected in 2008 and was the first female to hold the prestigious office of mayor.

Image: Cincinnati Enquirer

Lucy even had her own campaign slogan—“The Bitch You Can Count On,” which seemed to go a long way in playing with the voters.

Lucy decided in 2016 to step down from her mayoral duties, which opened the door to Brynneth Pawltro being elected in as the towns new mayor.  However, Lucy’s political hopes did not end when she stepped down  She made a bid for the US Presidency in the 2016 elections.  Her campaign manager and loving human spoke with Huffpost and stated:

“All the other presidential candidates are dogs.  Why shouldn’t a real one run?”

The Rabbit Hash Historical Society holds elections for mayor periodically, as a means to fundraise for various needy community projects.  Everyone can vote as well as place as many votes as they want, with votes costing one dollar each.

Image: Mental Floss

In the 2008 election, in which Lucy was victorious, she beat out a total of ten other dogs, a cat, an opossum, and even a jack ass, as reported by the towns historical society.

Kayser posted a moving tribute to Lucy adding:

“I am so proud to have known her and shared these short years on earth with her.  Run free and easy, sweet girl.  Momma loves you.”

Lucy Lou was a Border Collie and served her community with pride for eight years as mayor.  When she passed she was twelve years old.  She will be missed by many.