Elderly Couple Wear Out Their Welcome At McDonalds

An elderly couple from Culpeper County, VA had a weekly routine of visiting their local McDonalds.  Barbara Becker (81) stated that her husband Carl (87), a World War Two veteran, had a real love for the restaurants fast food, so they tended to visit the establishment several times a week.  However, that has all changed after the branch manager made certain statements back in March 2014.  The Becker’s have stated they will never visit that particular McDonalds again.

Image: Chicago Tribune

In March of 2014, the elderly couple visited their branch McDonalds, as usual.  They placed their order, took it to their table, and began to enjoy their meal.  Within a few moments the branch manager approached the couples table.  The manager told the elderly couple they needed to leave.  It would seem their “half-hour” was up, and the manager stated that the floor needed to be cleaned.  Although the couple was still enjoying their meal, and it was obvious other parts of the restaurant were empty, they just could not understand why they were being asked to leave.  Especially since they had been such loyal paying customers for many years.

Image: Videoblocks

However, the elderly couple did as the manager asked, and left so that the staff could clean the floors.  The whole incident left a bad taste in the couple’s mouth, so much so that Carl penned a letter to the couple’s local newspaper, the Culpeper Star-Exponent.  In the letter Carl explained he had seen and endured much in his long life but had never been asked to leave a restaurant so that they could clean the floor under and around where he was setting.

In an interview with the local news station, a three-decade long restaurant owner stated that what the McDonalds did was simply rude.  He went on to say “you do not ask paying customers to leave so that you can clean the floor”.   After Carl’s letter to the newspaper was published, he did receive a response of sorts from the head of the Culpeper franchise, who told the Culpeper Star-Exponent that he would “look into the incident”.