Easy DIY Projects To Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

While pets can be the most rewarding and loving companions ever, they can also cost a lot of money in the way of toys and entertainment. Do you want to give your dog or cat the world without spending serious cash? Check out these three DIY projects that deliver the most bang for your buck.

Build A Cute Pet Teepee

All you need for this project are wooden dowels, twine, and fabric. Tie the dowels together in a tripod shape and secure the cloth around the structure with a glue gun. The finished product is lightweight and easy to transport. Cats and dogs alike are sure to love their new personal tent.

Craft A Treat And Toy Puzzle For Your Furball

Dogs and cats love to solve problems and try their paws at fun challenges. A puzzle like this helps stimulate an animal both mentally and physically. You could pick up a puzzle at your local pet shop or create one yourself with a food storage container.

Cut holes in the lid that will fit your pet’s paws and then fill the tub with treats and toys! If they don’t like it, you’re only out one storage container, too.

Build A Crazy Awesome Feeding Station

Planting pet grass in a tray and nesting food bowls between the greenery? That’s something that dogs and cats alike will go crazy for. Wheatgrass is great for animals because it aids in everything from digestion to providing extra vitamins and minerals in a diet.

Pick up a pallet of wheatgrass and a tray to fit. Set food bowls within the grass and see if your pets enjoy the new placement. The only thing to watch out for is overconsumption—some pets might overindulge and upset their stomachs with too much wheatgrass, so keep an eye on how much they graze.