Doctors Were Shocked By Item They Pulled From Man’s Abdomen

With today’s rising medical costs, it is hard to keep on top of our health.  Although many will visit the doctor for symptoms that present with something as small as a cold when it comes to real pain most all of us push through and end up ignoring a problem that can quickly spiral out of control.

Such is the case of one Washington DC resident, who ignored his pain and symptoms for as long as he could.  When he finally did get in to see a doctor, that is when things took a turn for the weird.

Raymond Thompson, a 62-year-old man residing in Maryland suffered from a condition that is not very uncommon among the older generation.  However, to say his case was a little more extreme than most would be an understatement.

Thompson, for twenty years, had to fight an overpowering urge to urinate.

“When I have to go to the bathroom at night I have to run”

He had tried every over the counter med available and nothing worked.  He would find himself still sprinting each night to the bathroom.

Image: Express Medical Supplies

In 2013 he had had all he could take.  He made an appointment with the doctor’s office, in a last-ditch attempt to get some type of relief.  The doctors performed a myriad of tests, collecting everything they could right down to blood and urine, in an attempt to figure out the problem.

After all the tests results came back, the doctors stated they could find nothing wrong.  Raymond appeared to be a healthy 62-year-old man, who was no closer to getting answers or relief from his problem.

Raymond told the doctors “something’s in there.”  At his urging, the doctors performed an ultrasound.  The doctors were totally amazed at what the test showed.  Hidden within the muscles of Raymond’s abdomen, exerting constant pressure on his bladder, was a giant peritoneal loose body.

Okay, I know you are saying to yourself…what?

Image: ScienceAlert

Basically, a piece of fat breaks away in the body and starts forming a mass.  The mass will eventually turn to calcium and grow over time, much like a pearl does inside an oyster.  These types of foreign bodies are not unusual and once removed, the patient is a little worse for wear.

Raymond was glad that he pushed for the doctors to figure out the source behind his symptoms, and in hindsight wished he had done it all sooner rather than later.