30 Really Strange Photos Taken In Disney Theme Parks

The Disney theme parks are known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”.  And in all reality, that’s quite a tagline to tout.  While there’s plenty of fun to be had at theme parks full of rides, sweets, and costumed characters, it’s also not a stretch to believe that such a grand and large-scale series of parks would be prone to some not-so-happy and incredibly odd moments. You can’t be happy all the time–or at least not the Disney definition of happy. Take a look at some of these strange, hilarious, and odd photos from the Disney parks that have brought out the most unexpected of reactions, malfunctions, and absurdities.

Cuffs And Costumes

The Disney characters that parade around the parks are designed and trained to be so in tune with the roles they play to offer a seamless relationship with visitors that know them from movies and television. But they take on a much stranger tone when you see them out of their element. In particular, watching Snow White and Mickey Mouse being hauled off by the police is not exactly a sight one expects in the domain of Disney. Perhaps they’re being kicked out for more popular characters or Mickey just couldn’t pay the rent on his House of Mouse.

Ducks Of A Feather

While it’s against the Disney park policy to allow in visitors costumed as their favorite characters (certain events excluded), there’s nothing in the rules against similar looking species of characters. In this instance, Donald Duck finds himself facing a group of ducks that have wandered into the park. Either he’s pointing them out for the rare photo opportunity Donald’s extended family or he’s trying to get the ducks out of harm’s way when the tourists start to rush him. It could also be possible that Donald is trying to shoo away other ducks trying to hog the spotlight. After all, he’s got tough enough competition with Daffy Duck.