Disney+ Streaming Service Said To Feature All Disney Films

As we near closer to the debut of Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, the question has remained about how much content will be on the site. We do know that the service will include plenty of original content exclusive to the platform, including more live-action movies based off their previous animated movies and a “Star Wars” spin-off series, but what of Disney’s older content? It’s a fair question that we’re sure many parents will be asking, debating on whether or not the service is worth it based on how much classic content can be accessed. So how many classic movies will on the platform? Well, apparently all of it.

That’s what Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, said at a shareholder meeting about what the service will eventually feature the “entire Disney motion picture library.” Of these many entries, Iger ensured that this would include those in the Disney Vault. While this makes the service valuable for those who don’t want to keep a close eye on the distributor for when they next want to buy their favorite Disney film on home video, it does raise some interesting questions about what will be shown.

Sure, the most prominent Disney films that would come to mind for being unearthed would be the likes of “Fantasia,” “The Little Mermaid” or “Beauty and the Beast,” but this could mean we may see films that Disney has kept long-buried for decades. More specifically, will this include Disney’s most controversial and racist animated feature, “Song of the South?” It very well might but one hopes it’ll be presented with a cultural context and only accessible for adults, however the platform may be geared for displaying content. We’ll just have to see if everything in the Disney vault really does mean EVERYTHING.