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Crazy Cool Behind The Scenes Secrets Of ‘The Brady Bunch’

The Brady Bunch is an American sitcom that aired from 1969 to 1974. The show ran for five seasons and it revolves around a large blended family with six children. This old-style family sitcom is filled with laughter, responsibility, self-image, puppy love, teenage woes, and many others. Ever since its conception, The Brady Bunch is popular among many American families and we watch its reruns. If you are a big fan of this sitcom, then here are some interesting information about your favorite sitcom family on and off the screen.

Unconventional family dynamics based on statistics

If you have been watching the show for several episodes already, then you will know that the story revolves around a divorced man and woman marrying into each other’s families. The man adopts his wife’s children and vice versa. But why did the producers agree to this family dynamics? The answer lies in the number. The thing is that when the show was conceived in 1965, around 31% of marriages involve children from previous marriages. For the producers, that was the most relatable family dynamics during that time. Interesting, right?


Not a natural blonde

It is common for actors and actresses to portray roles that require several physical adjustments. This means that they might need to wear wigs or put on fake freckles. The characters in The Brady Bunch are no strangers for these physical adjustments. For instance, Mike Lookinland, the boy who played the youngest male Brady, Bobby, was required to dye his blonde hair so that he can match the brunette of the entire Brady squad. He has to dye his hair for the entire five seasons.