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Could You Ditch Society And Live On A Deserted Island? This Man Did.

How many times have you thought about ditching modern society and moving to a deserted island?

It might sound appealing when you’ve had one of those days when everything seems to have gone wrong, but most of us would never really consider doing it. Former millionaire David Glasheen did just that, though, when he moved to the idyllic Restoration Island, located off North East Australia.

It was May 1997 and he’d just lost his fortune in a stock market crash…


Away From Society

Once worth an estimated $27 million, the ex-gold mining tycoon and property magnate now lives in a wooden beach shack dating back to pre-World War II. His loyal dog Quassi is his only companion, aside from the snakes, spiders, and crocodiles that also inhabit the island.

Solar panels and a backup generator provide electricity, and he did get limited running water installed a few years ago. He does, however, have an internet connection that keeps him in touch with the outside world.

He follows the news, has social media accounts, and says that watching Britain’s Got Talent videos on YouTube is his guilty pleasure.


Living Off The Land

A few times a year, he travels to the mainland to pick up essentials, like olive oil and rice, as well as luxuries like gummy bears and Mars bars. Aside from those few trips back to civilization, though, the castaway mostly lives off the land, growing his own vegetables and catching fish, crabs, and shrimp.

There are a few things he misses from civilization.

“I miss theater and live music—the sound of a real band. And just the social interaction of things, like dinner parties with men and women together,” he said in a recent interview.



No Place He’d Rather Be

Nevertheless, he said he there’s no place he’d rather be.

“Here there are snakes, spiders, and crocodiles, but it is safer here than lots of other parts of the world when you hear about terrorist attacks. I love it here because I have my safety. No matter how old and how tough you are, you still want to go to bed knowing you are not going to be attacked.”