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20 Colleges That Are Seeing Major Drops In Enrollment Applications

The United States is in the middle of an education boom, with many existing colleges expanding aggressively and new colleges earning accreditation and opening every year.  That means potential applicants are dispersing more widely, causing some top tier colleges and university’s application numbers to greatly decrease–something the college PR department definitely won’t admit.    Here are the top 20 colleges seeing suffering application rates–and prepare for a few stunners.

Stanford University

Being so close to Silicon Valley, the start-up capital of the world, could be related to Stanford’s applications having decreased by .77 percent.  Start-ups generally don’t care as much about a fancy degree if the skills are there, so technology whizzes might be skipping college altogether.

AG Scientific

The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT’s applications are down by 1.2%, maybe for the same reasons as Stanford, seeing that MIT is the best technology college worldwide.  Either technology geniuses are skipping a step and going straight to work, or there are plenty of other attractive options with lower tuition luring them in…