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Calvin Klein Cologne Could Be Key To Capturing Killer Tiger

For the last two years, a female tiger has been stalking humans in Maharashtra, India. She and her cubs may be responsible for as many as thirteen deaths where victims are gruesomely attacked and eaten. Tigers don’t usually go after humans, but once they’ve gotten a taste, they can become extremely aggressive. Known simply as T-1, this tigress evades capture despite 24-hour surveillance, police patrols, and animal bait. Rangers even tried deploying five elephants to corral her, but one of the huge animals panicked and trampled a village, killing one person. What’s next? 

Hunters are considering using Calvin Klein’s “Obsession” cologne. Experiments have found that big cats like jaguars love the smell; it’s like catnip. It’s most likely because of a compound known as “civetone,” which is also found in the scent glands of civets, a wild cat. Chanel No. 5 might also work, but it’s more expensive. An Indian veterinarian successfully caught another man-eating tiger with Obsession, so authorities are hoping it works with T-1, as well.

After spraying the cologne near camera traps, hunters will lie in wait for T-1. They hope to tranquilize her in order to keep her and her cubs alive. Locals have protested the thought of killing the tiger since a Supreme Court ruling allowed hunters to kill her if necessary. They even gave her a real name: Avni. At least one wildlife official says they do not intend to take fatal action, but if she attacks, they don’t have much choice. If T-1 and the cubs are taken alive, they’ll be moved. It’s the end of the rainy season in Maharashtra, which means less vegetation for the tigers to hide in. Rangers will have more visibility. Should they decide to go with the cologne idea, the veterinarian says to be sure to use the original CK Obsession.