Build Your Own Industrial Chic Floating Shelf With This Walkthrough

This fantastically designed floating shelf rack was created by a blogger in her workshop. It’s got an industrial and artistic look at the same time, and it’s a very attractive way to show off glassware, plates, décor, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of the construction process.

After cutting boards to size, pocket holes are drilled into the rung pieces.

The rungs of the ladder are then attached to its main legs with screws. These final products will be the two main supports for the shelving unit. These pieces can be painted any color you like—a matte finish will probably look best if you’re going for this specific style.

The back supports will be drilled into the wall, so they’re spaced to line up with each shelf.

The supports need to be drilled with pocket holes, too, and then they’ll be ready for screwing into the ladders. Once the ladders and their supports are assembled, the shelves themselves are ready to be built.

The shelves are just joined pieces of lumber, assembled with a bit of wood glue and some brad nails. When they’re assembled, stain them with your preferred color.

While the shelves dry, the ladder supports are ready to be drilled into the wall.

Make sure to find the studs and drill into them for the best amount of support. When the shelves are dry, slide them into place and secure them with screws. That’s it—your shelf is complete and ready to show off your stuff!

Not only does this shelf look stylish and purposeful, but you can leave it as a permanent installation to help spruce up your kitchen or dining room should you ever sell your home. Here’s to cheap and DIY home improvements!