Awesome Idea

Build A Fiery Outdoor Pizza Oven With This DIY Project

Everyone loves pizza, and that’s a fact. Not everyone loves a crazy awesome DIY project, though; this outdoor brick-and-mortar pizza oven will leave friends and family stunned when they learn that you built the entire thing yourself. It’s pretty cheap, considering how much people spend on an average prefab outdoor oven setup.

Check out this short walkthrough and see if you’re up for the challenge of building one by yourself!

Here’s Your Long Shopping List

You’ll need to round up several items from your local home improvement store, including a bag of sharp sand, a bag of builder’s sand, a bag of cement, and an aggregate. You’ll also need heat-resistant bricks, a wooden pallet, and both a mixing spade and trowel for the bricklaying process. Finally, make sure you haveĀ a drill, wood saw, wood screws, and additional pieces of chipboard and wood for shaping the oven. The very last thing you’ll need is a bucket or metal chimney!

Lay out your wooden pallet and begin by mixing your cement as per package instructions. The amount of cement you’ll need may vary based on the size of your oven. Once you pour the cement into the wooden pallet, your base is complete. Arrange bricks to create an arch for the oven, and begin laying out the ground layer of bricks, too.

Build A Brick And Cement Igloo On The Foundation

Once your oven’s foundation is complete, it’s just a matter of building up layers of bricks and sealing with the mixture of cement and sand. You’ll want to make sure to leave plenty of space for the stove’s chimney, and a large chunk of foam may be the easiest way to add support for the oven’s arch while it dries.

These photos only show part of the entire construction process, so you might feel more confident if you dig up further tutorials on the web. Good luck!