Beating The Heat Without Air Conditioning

Summer is a great time for activities with friends and family, but what do you do when it’s scorching outside and you’re without air conditioning? Here are some tips that won’t cost you a cent and can make a huge difference:

Set a bowl of ice in front of your fan

You probably have a few fans if you don’t have air conditioning. To get that air nice and chill, set a bowl of ice in front of it. The air sweeps over the ice and becomes cooler. Sit right in front it and enjoy.

Close your blinds

If you keep your blinds open during the day and let the sunshine come in, your house temperature will rise. Keeping those blinds closed can lower temps by up to 20-degrees!

If you aren’t using a room, keep the door closed

Even the best fans can only cool so much of an area, so if you aren’t using a room, close that door. Your fan won’t need to cover too much of your house. At night, open your doors to let the cooler air disperse.

Sleep on a lower level

If you sleep on the upper level of your home, move downstairs on hot nights. Heat rises, so the coolest part will always be on the first floor or in the basement, if you have one.

Switch to cotton sheets

If you’re still using winter-ready sheets, it’s time for a change. Cotton is the ideal material for summer because it’s breathable. When you wrap yourself in it, your body heat escapes.

Sleep under a damp sheet

Speaking of sheets, soak yours in cold water and wring it out really well. When you lay under it, the water evaporates, cooling your body. This tip is called “the Egyptian method,” because ancient Egyptians supposedly slept under damp coverings to escape the heat of the desert.